Gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent

Gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent

Old age doesn’t have to diminish your independence- after all, nothing takes our joy away than losing the ability to do things on our own, and our own way.

Let’s face it: though fear has made some of us apprehensive about using technology (and some have actually had bad experiences with technology previously), it’s technology that is coming to our rescue.

I lack even words to fully describe how life-changing the latest advances in technology are for us, senior citizens…

From helping us to dress, boosting your health (e.g. by reminding you about your medicine), to bringing everyday conveniences like helping us get in a car unassisted, nothing is beyond us with the trending independent-boosting innovations.

To get you started in independent living, find our most recommended gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent below:

21 Gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent + other senior citizen accessories

Here are the gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent we believe every elderly person should have:

a.      Dressing technology for elderly living alone

·        Jobst Stocking Donner

Compression socks provide elders who wear them with wonderful support and comfort and can be helpful for elders with circulatory issues, edema, and many other disorders.

That said, they can be difficult to put on for those with restricted bending motion (and anyone else with limited use of hands).

This stocking donner will make the entire experience less frustrating.

Easy to Put on Socks for Senior Citizens 

·        OXO Button Hook Good Grips Dressing Aid

For some senior citizens, buttoning is the most feared and time-consuming part of getting dressed.

The OXO Button Hook assist can be priceless for this group…

It pulls buttons through buttonholes easily and quickly – the result is restored independence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

Side Note: On a related note, the Zipuller is the way to zip up and unzip all alone quickly.

·        Bra Buddy Bra Fastening Aid

If your grandma has been struggling to put on her underwear and she always turns down your offer to assist, she will certainly appreciate the Bra Buddy.

Her one functioning hand is enough with this tool!

·        Professional Long-Handled Metal Shoe Horn

This helps guide their foot into almost any type of shoe and also helps make dressing a less daunting chore.

Try it.

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b.     Innovative gadgets for elderly living alone for use in the kitchen

·        Hamilton Beach Automatic Jar Opener

This opens a whole range of glass jars (with lids from 1-inch to 4-inch in diameter).

And because of the effortless, push-button opening mechanism, anyone with weak muscles will find it extremely helpful.

It’s an amazing gift for older people who suffer from arthritis/limited hand dexterity.

·        Mueller Premium 1500-W Electric Kettle with SpeedBoil Tech

Memory problems are another source of frustration in seniors- of course, proteins and hormones that stimulate neural growth and protect/repair brain cells decline with age.

And so the auto shut-off feature in this senior-friendly kettle can make all the difference for your forgetful 65+ years old parent.

It’s very simple to use and lightweight too.

·        Can opener for seniors

Made for elders with hand mobility problems (because of issues such as osteoarthritis), this can-opening and bottle-opening aid feature a big, easy-to-turn knob and a super comfortable handle.

It’s another life-saver for old hands.

c.      Helpful gadgets for seniors for personal hygiene and the bathroom 

·        Anti-Slip Shower Mat

This extra-long anti-slip, anti-bacterial bath mat has maximum coverage and the most reliable slip prevention features and works on nearly all non-textured tub surfaces.

In truth, it has saved many seniors from slips and bad falls (and potential injuries).

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·        Foot Cleaning Brush

This long-reach wand helps older adults clean their feet without bending.

It also helps keep their feet lotioned and feeling awesome-the soft nylon bristles (with sponge tip) can as well be used to apply favorite lotions.

Side Note: For the rest of the body, use this Easy Self Lotion Applicator to apply his/her favored lotions (works for gels and creams too).

·        Mars Wellness Self-Wipe Assist

The Self-Wipe-Assist can be the answer to your aged parent’s personal hygiene concerns when reaching is a challenge because of limited dexterity or a medical condition.

The head is shaped nicely to help you clean where you can’t and holds wrapped toilet paper well.

d.     Fun gadgets for seniors

·        Echo Show 5

This compact, nightstand-sized alarm clock cum timer does everything you want…

It shows lyrics to songs, gives you the latest news, lets you enjoy movie trailers, checks weather and traffic, etc. and can be handy for many elderly people.

·        Voice Headset for TV Watching

No more missing a word as he is watching his favorite soap- This HT5006 TV headset reduces audio lags to undetectable levels (below 40ms) to deliver top-quality sound at all times.

Any senior citizen will feel like a star with it.

Side Note: If he doesn’t like the headset, try this re-chargeable Wireless TV Speaker.

·        JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets

These real-life-like pets possess rare abilities- they can engage, soothe, and even make older adults laugh, promoting happiness among senior communities.

More importantly, they’re easier to care for than our traditional furry friends.

The selection comprises dogs and cats.

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e.      Other helpful things for elderly

·        Vive Reacher Grabber

Pick up items from anywhere – the top shelf, lawn, floor, or behind furniture- without breaking your back or risking a fall by stepping on a stool with the reacher grabber.

This is also great for picking up trash or any other item you may not want to touch.

·        COOYOO Winter Gloves

Seniors living in areas that experience harsh winters feel uncomfortable to remove their gloves to use their smartphone devices in chilly weather.

Enter these touchscreen gloves and you can take and share pictures, type messages, and make the most of your apps without exposing yourself to the biting cold.

·        Tile Mate Tracker

Find keys, your bags & more with the tile mate Bluetooth-based tracker.

This all-purpose finder is a breeze to set up and use thanks to the free app (iOS and Android).

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·        iRobot Roomba house-cleaning robot

A robot is the smartest way a senior can cleaning the home-  some don’t like to vacuum making this a brilliant thought.

Just schedule the device to clean up dirt, dust, and debris daily with the app or voice assistant.

·        Automatic Pill Dispenser

The automatic pill dispenser reminds your aged parents to take their medicine at the required time and in the right amount.

·        Able Life Tray Table Independent Living Aid

Able Life’s ergonomic handle provides extra balance and support to help you sit and stand from your couch, recliner, or lift chair safely.

Plus, the attached table is convenient for reading, having a meal, using the laptop, doing crafts, and more.

·        Snapfon ezTWO Senior Un-locked GSM Cell Phone

A cellphone is a must and this cellphone’s uniquely helpful features including speaking keypad, LED flashlight, compatibility with hearing aid, a flashlight, enhanced sound and SOS feature make it a must-have.

·        Seated Leg Exerciser

To improve their health without bothering their caregivers, seniors can work out passively wherever they go.

Simply plugging the Leg Activator in a 110-w output and enjoy passive gym.

These are just some of the most ingenious accessories and gadgets for seniors who want to remain independent..

Others include doorbell signalers (to alert the elderly person when they have a guest at the door), a swivel seat cushion (to help them get in and out of seats effortlessly), ….the list can go on and on.

Pick what will improve the quality of life of your senior.

At the end of the day, everyone deserves to age gracefully.

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