Rocking Chairs for the Elderly

Best Rocking Chairs for the Elderly

Rocking chairs make the perfect option for outdoor relaxation. They are sturdy, with a sizeable sitting area that makes them the ideal recommendation for older adults and seniors with mobility issues.

Old as it may be, and in fact tracing its popularity from as far back as the 18th century, rocking chairs are an ideal recommendation for older people for the benefit they guarantee.

Of course, the best rocking chairs for the elderly are lightweight and easy to carry around. And having made their way from garden spaces to indoor and other outdoor areas, there is more to these chairs than just their lower weight and portability.

For the elderly, the best rocking chairs can easily ease pain and even reduce stress. And given that they’re available in different styles that work best with different decor, your options are downright unlimited as far as the rocking chair you can pick is concerned.

Best Rocking Chairs for the Elderly

Sophia and William Outdoor Rocking Chair

Sophia and William have put in the hard work to give you an outdoor rocking chair that you can use to enjoy every outdoor moment.

Going for under $150, the model fits the elderly persons on tight budget. With a decent depth for the removable s eat and backrest cushion, this rocking chair does provide a higher level of comfort for an extended period of outdoor relaxation.

It features a sturdy steel frame for strength durability. And while it’s easy to lift and move around because of the trimmed weight, the frame is so robust that it can handle a maximum user weight of 300 lbs. With a black powder coating that’s both element and weather resistant, the seat can remain outdoors and stand up to any condition just fine.

The cushions feel comfortable right off the bat. However, given that the depth isn’t that great, this rocking chair can only be suitable for occasional outdoor use.  So if you’re looking for a rocking chair for regular use, or you need a model that can go easy on a bad back for an extended period, you should consider looking past this one.

Haotian Relax Rocking Chair

If you intend to spend less on a rocking chair that you can use indoors and outdoors, you might want to consider the Haitian Relax Rocking Chair.

It’s wooden model with a padded seat and backrest that offer a sturdier sitting experience. The varnish coating on the birch wood gives it a decent appearance, although the look isn’t something you’d really consider iconic.

Haotian Relax Rocking Chair doesn’t score well on comfort. And that’s mostly because the padding is somewhat thin. It’s a solid choice for occasional outdoor use. So if you need a rocking chair that you can sit in for an extended period, it would be wise to look past this option.

Many wooden recliners aren’t always strong enough to handle a user’s weight comfortably. But it’s interesting to note that the Haotian Relax can handle up to 265 lbs just fine.

When you feel like you’ve sat on this chair for long and need to clean it up for storage or the next use, simply remove the cotton from the zippered cover, wash the cover and dry it, and then put it back in place.

It doesn’t come assembled, but putting the parts together is easy so the work should take only a few minutes of your time.

Comhoma Leather Recliner and Rocking Chair

Comhoma, a recliner chair made of high quality leather, is an ideal pick to consider if you need a chair that does more than rocking. It doubles as a massage chair that you can use for deep relaxation after a long day of work.

With a seat heater, an 8-point massage system, and four vibrating modes, the Comhoma is just the right rocking chair to bring home if you want to relax better, boost your metabolism, enhance blood circulation, and lower your heart rate. It even features an attached footrest for feet comfort. Not to mention plenty of cushioning to give you the comfort you need if you choose to use the chair for an extended period.

Comhoma doesn’t feature pusher or dialer to adjust the reclining position. It uses your body’s weight instead. It means that if you want the chair to recline, you’ll need to lean further back while applying your weight on the faux leather at the same time.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Rocking Chair for Senior Citizens

Manufacturers and dealers spoil you for choice when it comes to rocking chairs. Just when you thought one brand’s model is superior to another, you get a completely different option blasted into your face.

To avoid the confusion, especially one that arises from too many options to consider, here’s how you can end up bringing the best rocking chair for seniors to your doorstep.

1. Choose the Right Type of Rocking Chair

There are at about six types of rocking chairs that seniors can use. Here’s a quick rundown for each:

  • Traditional rocking chair: a blend of old school and modern design. They’re quite affordable and best for the elderly persons who are on a tight budget.
  • Spring rocking chair: unlike traditional models, this chair features a spring for motion. The springs are in a box, so your hands don’t come into contact with them.
  • Recline rocking chairs: feature catches that you can use to adjust to different sitting positions. Secure and high tech, and tend to cost a little more than the traditional types.
  • Rocking chairs with ottomans: allows you to lift your legs and offers different sitting positions. Good for indoor use and ideal if you’ll be sitting down for an extended period.
  • Swivel rocking chairs: ideal for the seniors who don’t mind additional motion in a seat. Adds comfort and mobility, but can easily break if not well maintained.
  • Gliding rocking chairs: use swivels and levels to create a rocking motion on a flat plane. They are more or less ergonomic in design, and therefore tend to be a lot more comfortable than the traditional models.

2. Comfort

Find a rocking chair that’s comfortable to sit in so that you can get the most out of whatever model or type you choose.

Since rocking chairs help with pain and stress, even a basic model that goes for cheap can make a very big difference.  And provided you pick a good chair with a decent level of comfort, be it for outdoor or indoor use, you should easily get relief from both physical and psychological pain.

Even with the evolution in interior decor and chair design, rocking chairs are a thing that isn’t going away. And that’s so especially because they fit well in any environments, even in homes where modernity is a key player in the decor.

And the most important point is this:

When it comes to choosing the best rocking chairs for the elderly, comfort is the most important factor to consider. If the chair goes easy on your joints and back, and you can sit on it for an extended period without necessarily feeling exhausted too soon, go with it.

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