Best Recliner for Elderly to Sleep In

Best Recliners for Elderly to Sleep In

A warm bed with cozy blankets and fluffy pillows is a heavenly place to sleep in, at least for many of us.

But for the elderly who’ve reached the golden age or those dealing with chronic pain and mobility issues, the best recliner for elderly to sleep in may sometimes be the only best option.

Recliners for the elderly to sleep in are good because of the comfort that they offer. Invest in a well-made option that allows you to stretch out, and you can get the most comfortable sleep than a standard bed can offer you.

With many recliners for senior citizens in the market, there are no limits to what you can take home as manufactures obviously spoil you for choice.

These rocking chairs come in different designs, fabrics, styles, and price point.

But with their comfort level varying from model to model, it’s important to search for only the options that promise to give you the most comfortable tap.

Below are some decent options.

Best Recliner for Elderly to Sleep In

1. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa for Elderly

We strongly believe that you’re in search for the most comfortable recliner chair. And the Mcombo is a good fit for the elderly because it ticks all the checkboxes for support, sturdiness, comfort, and performance.

It’s easy to put together and also scores well on durability, so you definitely get the value for your money.

The reclining mechanism of this chair is precise and to the standard. Since it can recline up to 140 degrees, feel free to tweak the dial until you find a suitable recline position for yourself.

The seat area, which is 22.5 inches wide and 22 inches deep, has a deep cushioning, and that means great comfort for your hips and bottom.

Even the headrest has a good level of padding, so when you lay your head on it, you’ll more or less feel as if you’re sleeping on a bed pillow.

Mcombo isn’t just a recliner chair. It also doubles as a massage seat, which the elderly can use for relaxation before or after sleep. For the massage function to be effective, Mcombo adds 8 vibrating points to the seat, which are enough to deliver a gentle, full-body message.

To make the massaging function even more effective, the brand adds a heating point in the lumbar area of the seat. The heating time is easy to adjust and you can turn it off completely if you don’t want it to be active while you sleep.

Mcombo’s Power Lift system makes this recliner chair a versatile seat, which the elderly can use for lounging and sleeping. In particular, this feature makes easy mobility possible, because it makes it easy for the elderly to stand up and get down with the least stress on back and knees.

This recliner seat has deep pockets on both sides and cup holders. These are extra bells and whistles that make this recliner stand out.

If you’re using this one just for sleep, these extra features may not mean anything. But who knows? You may need them occasionally.


  • Power Lift system helps with movement
  • Versatile recliner seat; good for sleeping and lounging
  • Includes a massage function for full body relaxation


  • Makes noise when it’s in use
  • Not suitable for tall seniors

2. Esright Power Lift Electric Recliner Chair

Whether you’ve heard about Esright before or it’s the first time you’re learning about the brand, their power lift recliner chair is one of the highly praised models in the living room furniture space.

From a design standpoint, the allow steel used for the frame make the chair unquestionably strong, although it can only handle a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

As it stands, Esright is the type of electric recliner seat that you can use even in a room full of light sleepers thanks to the silent yet powerful motor whose noise level is hardly noticeable.

You’ll love how this chair is easy to control. So even if you’re not too techie to control a smart chair, this recliner seat should be straightforward to figure out. The lift control is on the right arm, so you can access it on the spot without feeling lost.

We tend to have a feeling that ergonomic design is a chair’s strongest selling point. However, this isn’t where many recliner seats shine, or at least not for the case of Esright Power Lift. It’s the massage function that makes it shine.

The massage system has 2 intensity levels, 8 vibration points, and 5 massage modes (pulse, normal, auto, wave, and press). You won’t find all these features in a standard massage seat, so it’s a good thing that you can actually get your muscles to relax a bit more as you take a nap.

The fabric used to make the upholstery is soft to the touch and friendly to even the most sensitive skin. So you don’t exactly have to bother about skin discomfort no matter how many hours or days you spend sleeping on this chair.


  • Includes a vibrating massage function for body relaxation
  • Up to 130 degrees recline
  • Sizeable, padded seat area and a decent seat depth
  • Decent user weight limit


  • Some senior citizens may find the footrest too stiff. This requires a break-in period
  • This recliner chair is somewhat pricey

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3. Homall Recliner Chair

Homall is a pocket-friendly recliner chair to consider if you’re on a very tight budget. Going for under $150, the Homall is simple in design yet comfortable to use for the long term.

Just don’t expect it to have the many premium features that high-end recliner chairs have.

Homall uses a high quality PU leather to make this seat. While this isn’t 100% genuine leather per se, it’s not that bad of a material either. At least it feels soft to the touch. And it doesn’t get hot or uncomfortable either. The frame of the seat is pure metal, so it should be able to handle your weight quite well – provided you don’t weight more than 265 pounds.

This chair won’t recline up to 180 degrees, but at least it will adjust to a position that’s good enough for relaxing, watching television, and sleeping.

The footrest for many high-end recliners tends to be stiff and therefore require some break in period. But that’s not so with this budget model. You tend to feel its comfort straight out of the box, which is what you need from a recliner chair in the first place.


  • Seat has thick cushioning for comfort even on extended use
  • You get multiple reclining positions, which are easy to adjust
  • The soft padding on the footrest means more comfort for your legs 
  • Affordable, a good option to consider if you’re on a tight budget


  • Doesn’t feature a dedicated lumbar support
  • No massager added to the seat


Whether you spend a few minutes napping the afternoon away or you love to sleep in a reclined seat most of the time, these are some of the best recliner seats for the elderly to sleep in that you can buy and start using right away. 

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