Best Chairs to Carry the Elderly Upstairs

Best Chairs to Carry the Elderly Upstairs

Living long to the golden years is no doubt a blessing we can’t even begin to explain. And don’t even mention that a senior citizen in their 60s, 70s, or 80s has seen almost everything under the sun.

As good as being aged may seem, it comes with the challenge of mobility and stability.

Think about it:

An elderly person is already too feeble to move upstairs on his or her own. At their age, they’ll probably take an eternity to get to a top room in a storied building.

Even then, mobility does not actually have to die completely with aging, because there is a way to get the elderly moving up the stairs on their own.

And that’s with the best chairs to carry the elderly upstairs.

Best Chairs to Carry the Elderly Upstairs

1. Harmar Stair Lift

We believe with Harmar that mobility doesn’t have to be difficult simply because you’re older.

Their Harmar Stair Lift makes moving possible, so you can easily visit the upper rooms without depending on anyone for mobility support. This stair lift aid is a simple yet robust chair.

And it’s a good fit for the elderly who find climbing stairs a little too painful to handle.

You’ll love Harmar Stair Lift for two reasons. First, it’s compact, so you don’t have to worry about it blocking your stairway. Second, it’s easy to install, taking only a few minutes to get the job done.

It rolls on aluminum rack along the staircase, which means it’s relatively easy to unmount, as it doesn’t require fixing to the wall.

Harmar makes the armrest a little longer to make it possible for the elderly to get on and off the seat. The seat features a thick, cushioned padding, which offers a comfortable sitting experience to the older people.

The design also includes a footrest. And while it isn’t as padded as the seat and the backrest, it’s still comfortable enough to hold the feet of the elderly in place as the chair moves up.

The seat and the footrest folds down nicely. So when the seat isn’t in use and you’d like to some on some space until the next time it’s required, simply fold them down and you’re good to go.


  • Include easy to use controls
  • Good padding for the arm, seat, and backrest
  • Can carry a load capacity of 350 lbs, with some models handling up to 600


  • The Harmar Stair Lift is somewhat expensive
  • May take a lot of time to install

2. Nautilus Stair Lift         

The Nautilus Stair Lift, a grease-free model that mounts to the stairs instead of t the wall, is one of the most comfortable chairs to carry the elderly upstairs.

It has an alert system that beeps to ensure you lock in position. And while it does make some noise when running, the sound is a low hum that isn’t annoying. 

With the Nautilus Stair Lift, you can have the control switch fixed to either on the right or left side of the seat. First, determine which side of the stairs the chair will run on. And second, choose where to have the control unit fixed depending on the preference of the senior. 

The seat is 19 inches wide and 17 inches deep and it has a thick padding that feels cushy and comfortable to seat as you move upstairs. The arm and backrest also have a decent padding, so a senior citizen can comfortably move upstairs without hurting their arms or back.

You’ll love this seat because it doesn’t take up much space. It requires about 28 inches from wall to wall, which falls within the range of many staircases that are often 26 inches in width.


  • Includes a footrest for your feet’s comfort
  • Good padding  for the seat, arm, and backrest


  • Makes some low noise when running
  • An expensive chair
  • Will cost around $500 to install on wood steps and $600 on concrete
  • Can take up to 8 hours to install

3. Universal Stair Lift

Featuring a foldable design, a three-tiered security system, and a weight limit of 350 lbs, the Universal Stair Lift is a safe chair to buy for a senior who’s struggling with mobility.

With this seat in place, they can move up and down the stairs comfortably without asking for help.

With a lift’s track of 15 feet and an inclination that varies from 25 to 45 degrees, the Universal Stair Lift should be perfect for most straight stairs. Plus, the design includes a two remote control system for upward and downward movements.

When it comes to performance, the Universal Stair Lift guarantees you the comfort you need to go upstairs. The padding on the seat, arm, and backrest feels soft on touch, and it doesn’t tear down fast with regular use.

Moreover, the footrest is good for ensuring that your legs don’t hang on air, so you don’t have to worry about feeling fatigued once you get up stairs.

You’ll love the Universal Stair Lift because it folds flat. So when it’s not in use, you can fold it to the wall to save on space. This is important especially if you have young adults living in the house and constantly using the stairs.


  • Easily folds flat to the wall
  • No wiring required during installation
  • Backup battery included in case power goes out
  • Cheaper than the other models reviewed in this guide


  • Chair doesn’t have a good level of swivel movement
  • The track lacks enough bracing

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How to Choose the Best Chair to Carry the Elderly Upstairs

Below are a few things to consider before investing in a chair to carry senior citizens upstairs:

Weight Limit

Every stair lift has a standard weight limit, which you should consider before buying. Generally, don’t go for a seat that can handle a much lesser weight capacity than that of the elderly person who’s going to use it to move upstairs.

Instead, first determine the weight of the user to determine the right seat to get.

Many seats to carry seniors upstairs have a maximum weight limit of 350 pounds. A few options can support a weight range between 400 and 600 pound. So it’s important to know the weight of the user before making a purchase.  

The Cost of Installation

Generally, stair lifts can take between 6 and 8 hours to install on your own. But you don’t necessarily have to spend that much time to get the job done.

You can hire a professional to install the seat for you. This can cost an additional $400 to $600.

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Because an elderly person is already too feeble to climb stairs to an upper room on his or her own, a stair seat is the only option they have to stay on the move.

But if the seat isn’t comfortable, it won’t be of any help whatsoever.

So check to ensure the model you choose can not only handle their weight but also feature a padded seat, arm, and backrest.

The best chairs to carry the elderly upstairs should have a comfortable footrest.

Foldable Design

Foldable stair seats are ideal for those who’d like to create some space when chair isn’t in use.

Such models tend to fold flat to the wall, so they make way for other individuals to use the staircase.

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