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The 3 Best Beach Chairs for Elderly Reviews

Who says you can no longer enjoy the cool breeze of the nearby beach simply because you’re a senior citizen?


Old age comes with limitations, the biggest ones being lack of proper joint strength and over reliance on the youngsters for your mobility.

But that doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy a beach getaway experience as you used to simply because you’re now in your golden years.

With the best beach chair for senior citizens, you can enjoy watching the beach surroundings no matter how old you are. So the fun moments you used to have, like watching folks play beach volleyball and ski, don’t exactly have to be mere memories.

When it comes to choosing the best beach chair for an elderly person, we recommend going for a seat that’s lightweight and portable, breathable, and comfortable.

Below are some top options to consider.

Best Beach Chairs for Older Adults and Senior Citizens

1. King Camp Low Seat Beach Chair

Looking at it from a distance, the King Camp Low Seat Beach Chair is no doubt a good-looking seat for the elderly person. The gray, light blue color mix makes it noticeable from a distance.

Not to mention that it even includes a strape bag and a cup holder, things many similar seats actually don’t have.

Compact and foldable in design, with a frame made of a combination of aluminum and steel, the King Camp is no doubt a robust chair to take to the beach. It can manage a user weight of 300 lbs quite well, and therefore it’s an ideal option for many average users.

Raised only 4 inches from the ground, which is a reasonable height for a beach chair, the King Camp makes an impressive classical beach seat for the price point.

And it wouldn’t be worth the price if it weren’t breathable, because there’s nothing worse than getting all sweaty and uncomfortable when you should be having a wonderful time outdoors instead.

If you think about it, spending under the hot sun at the beach seated on a non-breathable chair is bad business. It’s with this understanding that King Camp makes the mesh 100% breathable, so that you can have a moment of your life no matter how hot the beach gets. 

At 7 lbs, we feel the overall weight is quite generous. This not only makes portability easy but also the chair goes easy on the seniors who don’t want to feel somewhat, or extremely, weighed down  by the weight of a beach chair.


  • The base is sturdy and sits low to ground
  • Includes a bottle holder that you can use to keep your beer
  • Lightweight and foldable, easy to pack down for storage and transportation


  • Some people may find it a little bulky
  • We wish the back were adjustable

2. Cascade Mountain Tech Beach Chair

Cascade Mountain Tech invested its time, skills, and resources to make one of the most versatile chairs, which goes at a price that almost feels like a steal.

For the senior citizens who can no longer enjoy the beauty of the wild or take part in backyard grilling parties, this makes a perfect seat to bring to the beach so you can enjoy the beauty of the oceanic environment. 

Cascade beach chair features a steel and aluminum frame, which is strong enough to hold a maximum user weight of up to 250 pounds. Add to this a breathable mesh fabric that easily wicks out moisture in the hot outdoors, and what you get for the price is a beach chair that’s comfortable to sit on for an extended period, regardless of the time of the day or the season.

We recommend this beach chair for the elderly because of its outstanding cushioning. To begin with, the armrests feature decent padding, which feels soft to the touch, making your hands feel as if they’re resting on thick, soft cotton wool.

When folded down after use, it feels so compact that it should be easy to store a way. Given that it’s a lightweight model, it shouldn’t be difficult to carry around either.

There’s even a carrying bag for easy portability, which, by the way, you can stuff in a backpack for easy transportation.


  • Folds down for storage and transportation
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Made of steel and  aluminum for strength and durability


  • Not ideal for the elderly that love to stretch or incline 

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3. Coleman Utopia Breeze Beach Chair

Coleman is more than just an aged brand. It’s a household name recognized for designing some of the best outdoor gears for the budding outdoor enthusiasts.

Their Utopia Breeze Beach Chair is a good seat the elderly can use to enjoy beach moment that would otherwise be memories in their golden age.

The brand uses the best in class materials to make its camping, backpacking, and beach chairs. For this one, they’ve used a heavy canvas that can’t easily tear apart even with regular use. And the frame is made of strong and durable steel, which can handle a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

This beach chair is about six inches off the ground and it has a wide seating area that can even accommodate big-bodied seniors. The backrest is also tall and wide, so you get the full seat support that you need to enjoy the outdoors.

You begin to feel the comfort of the seat the moment you sit on it. You can possibly even zone out in it depending on the time of the day. And we wish it were able to recline so you could stretch out a bit. Even the armrests have a cushioned padding, which means this seat is comfortable all around.

You’ll also love this beach chair because it folds down easily to a small size for storage. The package also includes a carrying pouch, which makes the chair easy to carry.


  • Made of lightweight steel frame that can hold up to 250 lbs
  • Wide seating area and a comfortable backrest
  • Cushioned armrest for hand comfort
  • Includes a holder for beverage and beer


  • Height may be too low for some seniors
  • It’s easy for the chair’s joints to fill up with sand

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How to Choose the Best Beach Chair for Elderly

If you’re going to buy a beach chair for an elderly person only based on the number of positive reviews online, chances are you’ll end up buying the wrong seat. Below are the factors to consider instead:

Build Quality

Make sure the design of the chair is up to the standard before investing in it. Go for a seat whose frame is made of steel, aluminum, or a combination of the two materials. These seats tend to be strong enough to carry up to 350 lbs without bending.

The sitting area and the backrest shouldn’t just be wide; it should also be made of materials that don’t wear out easily. Heavy canvas is a good option. Polyester isn’t bad either. At least they can withstand the sitting pressure, especially if used for an extended period.


Confirm to make sure that the fabric used to design the seat is breathable. This will go a long way to make you comfortable if the weather gets hot.


The best beach chair for the elderly should also be lightweight. Therefore, you shouldn’t invest in a seat that’s hard to transport to and from the beach.

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