101 Things to do When You Retire

101 Things to Do When You Retire

You are probably approaching the retirement age and can’t help but feel like you still got so much energy to spend. After years of working, retirement can be one of the most challenging life changes a person may have to cope with.

Suddenly, you will have all the time in the world with little or nothing to do, and you can’t picture yourself sitting Infront of the TV all day, every day.

This post has 101 things to do when you retire to help you occupy your time after retirement and drive away boredom which could become a source of mental illnesses.

101 Things to Do When You Retire

1. Go into Private Practice

Private practice is a good option and is one of the easiest things to do in retirement to keep busy. After all, it is what you have been doing almost all your life.

2. Engage in Charity Work

You may not have lots of money to give, but you could sign up for charity events or join the board of a charitable organization near you where your experience could help run the organization.

3. Follow Your Passion

It is never late to follow your lifelong passion. There is probably this one thing you have always wanted to do but haven’t found time for. You now have all the time in the world. Go for it.

4. Do Some Gardening

If you have some space around your home, you could set up a part for gardening. This can help you cut on the budget for greens, and rest assured of the quality of food you are getting from your garden.

5. Learn a New Language

Do not look at it as work. You do it for the fun of it. It can also help keep your brain active and come in handy when you travel abroad.

6. Run for Office

Are you a good person like many others, whose lives have been affected by bad politics? You can make a difference. Run for office and be the good politician you have always wanted to see.

7. Play golf

Golf is one of the most time-intensive games and is among the top hobbies for retirees. It helps kill boredom and keeps you outdoor for longer, which is good for your health.

8. Write a Book

You have amassed too much knowledge to let it go to waste. Writing a book can be a great way of occupying your time and passing on the wisdom gained through years of living and working.

9. Keep Moving

Retirement gives you the freedom to be mobile. In retirement, you don’t have to live in the same boring place for very long. You could sell your house and relocate to a place more suited for your retirement.

10. Participate in Community Theatre

Theatre can be a fun way of passing the time. However, you are not limited to watching. You could also choose to participate in it for roles best suited for you actively.

11. Do Volunteer Work

Volunteer work is among the most incredible things to do when retired and bored. Besides helping you kill boredom; volunteer work allows you to make a difference in the community while giving your life meaning.

12. Ride Your Bicycle

You will need to exercise at retirement, and riding a bicycle for seniors can be an excellent way of keeping your body active.  Learning how to ride a bicycle if you never did earlier can also be so much fun.

13. Learn to Play A New Instrument

Ever had a desire to learn a new musical instrument? Early retirement can be just the right opportunity to do so.

14. Spend Time with The Family

Family is all you will have when everything else is gone. Keep them close.

15. Go Back to School

If you always wished to earn a new certificate, going back to class can be one of the many things to do when you retire early.

16. Organize Trips for Seniors

Being a senior, you may be well placed to understand the traveling needs of other seniors. For instance their ideal beach chairs, toilet chairs, and other essential gadgets they might require while on travel. With the understanding, you could help organize travel for seniors like you that are fun and help them stay active.

17. Start a Blog

Setting up a blog to share knowledge about your former career or on a hobby you’ve taken on after retirement can be an excellent way to spend your time; it can also be among the things you can do in retirement to make money.

18. Start a Vlog

So many people are making a living from vlogging. You can start one if writing is not your thing and share your stories and experiences. If it gains traction, you can monetize it and make a few bucks doing something you love.

19. Become a Mentor

Many young people can benefit from learning from people who have been successful and experienced in a given field, and you may be just the right person for one. Taking your time to make a difference in others’ lives can be a great source of positive energy.

20. Become a Clown

After spending all your adult years working and being an adult, it could be time to loosen up and add some spice to life. If you have ever thought of what silly things to do when you retire, being a clown could be an option.

21. Do Karaoke

Go to a karaoke bar occasionally, pick up the mic and sing your lungs out. You do not have to be good at it. Even lousy singing can be an excellent source of humor, and it’s fun.

22. Try Stand Up Comedy

If you think you are funny and silly enough to entertain, try stand-up comedy. You could start at family gatherings, your social groupings where you could offer funny retirement tips from experience.

24. Take Dance Lessons

It’s never too late to learn something new. Maybe you have always dreamed of learning a new exotic dance move like salsa or samba. Now that you have the time, you could do it. It’s a great way to keep fit and make friends.

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24. Become a Baby Sitter

Senior citizens get along with kids quickly. You can offer to babysit your grandchildren or offer your services to your working neighbors for a fee or for free.

25. Tour Your Town

There are probably some beautiful places around where you live that you have never had time to visit. You can choose to spend your first few days of retirement visiting those places as you figure out what other activities you can engage in during retirement.

26. Take Occasional Nature Hikes

Hikes can have a tremendously positive effect on your health, and they are free. Hiking allows you to stay in great physical shape and can be a great mood booster.

27. Play video games

Playing video games may not be among the top hobbies for retirees, but who says you can’t be different. Try it out, and you may like it.

28. Take Cooking Classes

Everyone can cook, but not everyone can cook good and healthy food. At retirement, healthy eating should be a priority. Joining a cooking class can not only help you in cooking healthy meals, but it can also be one of the things to do in retirement to keep busy and keep your brain sharp.

29. Adopt a Pet

It could be you have always wanted to keep an animal, but your working schedule couldn’t allow you. Now’s the time to get one. A good idea would be a dog. Dogs offer great companionship and motivate you to venture outdoor for a walk.

30. Host a Yard Sale

If you are wondering what to do after retirement to make money, you could start hosting a yard sale. Besides making some extra money out of things you no longer need, It also helps in decluttering your house.

31. Attend Free Outdoor Concerts

Free outdoor concerts can be fun and an excellent way of spending time. Check out your community’s social calendars for upcoming free shows and make a great day out of them. You can tag your spouse or a friend along to share in on the fun.

32. Go Camping

You can choose to enjoy your retirement with occasional camping with friends and family. Spending a night out around a camping bonfire is one of the cheap things to do in retirement with lots of fun.

33. Take an Online Class

Continuing your education has endless benefits. It keeps you sharp cognitively and opens up your view of the world. Many sites on the internet offer online courses on literally everything from photography to winetasting at low prices.

34. Join a Local Card Group

Playing cards have stood the test of time as a favorite hobby among retirees. If there is a local card group in your area, consider joining.  If there is none, create one. It is a great way to take part in healthy sit-down games while making new friends.

35. Document Your Family Tree

At retirement, you probably know more about your family tree than anyone else. You can choose to spend some of your time researching and documenting your family tree for generations to come.

36. Take Up a Sport

Taking up a sport in retirement can be a great way of keeping busy and staying healthy. There is no limit to the choice of sport you could take. Go for what you enjoy: swimming, cycling, tennis, golfing, and the list is endless.

37. House Decluttering

Decluttering your house is an excellent place to start immediately you retire to keep busy as you figure out what to do next. You can start by taking stock of what is in your house, what to dispose of, or keep and how well to reorganize it.

38. Keep Reading

Retirement is not supposed to be the end of learning. Reading can be an excellent way of keeping your brain sharp and gaining knowledge. It can be a better substitute as a source of entertainment, than TV.

39. Try Out DIY

There are lots of DIY books and videos out there through which you can learn a new skill. You could focus on home improvements DIYs to help you in improving your house.

40. Watch Educative Documentaries

Documentaries are a great way of gaining knowledge. Irrespective of your area of interest, there will be a documentary on the internet you could watch, and it wouldn’t cost you much.

41. Play board games

Set aside some time with friends and family for board games. If you have some game boards lying around, all you need is to start. You can also find inexpensive board games in your local store if you don’t have one.

42. Record A Song

Creativity doesn’t stop at retirement. Suppose you have had an interest in music but never found time for it. Go for it now and record a song. It doesn’t have to be perfect your generation will love it.

43. Try yoga.

Yoga is an excellent way to keep healthy and cognitively sharp. Getting a yoga instructor could cost you quite some money, but you can master some yoga positions in the home via youtube, thanks to the internet.

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44. Try knitting

Knitting is known to make people happier. It is one of the most inexpensive hobbies for retirees, and it requires minimal investments.

45. Try Fishing

Fishing ranks highly in top hobbies for retirees. If you live near a lake, fishing could be an ideal way of spending your retirement years.

46. Become a Songwriter

If you feel musical but don’t have the voice, you could write songs for others and see how it goes. You could start with the family to test the waters.

47. Be Optimistic

A study by Princeton University and the London School of Economics and Political Sciences indicated that happiness is at its peak between the ages of 23 and 69 years. If you are retiring at 60, you still have a lot of joy to look forward to.

48. Set Goals and Accomplish Them

Setting a goal and achieving them can be very satisfying. It could be completing a lifelong dream, for example, recording music or writing a book. Nothing is off-limits when you purpose to achieve it.

49. Stay Married If You Are

Research suggests that happily married people have better health and show a lower mortality rate than unmarried.

50. Get Married

For the available, you could always get a partner. It is never too late. Being old with kids out of the house can be quite lonely.

51. Be an Extra in A Film

Have you ever been on TV? Being an extra in a movie can be one way how. Be on the lookout for film crew looking for extras and offer to play the role.

52. Watch Your Health

Health is everything after hitting 40. Adopt habits that promote good health like physical activity, a good diet while dropping habits that work against your health like smoking or heavy drinking.

53. Have a Retirement Plan

Do not approach retirement casually. It would help if you had a written comprehensive plan on spending your time and money in retirement. Being sure of where you are in finances can give you a lot of peace of mind.

54. Have a Comprehensive Medical Cover

Its common knowledge that older people fall sick much often than younger people. Having this in mind, it is always a good idea to budget for your health by carrying an excellent medical cover. It gives you peace, knowing your medical expenses are taken care of.

55. Start Investing

There is never a wrong time to invest. When opting for investment, make sure you invest in ways that have been tried and proven.

56. Teach English

If you are good at English, you could offer online classes to people from other countries looking for help with the English language.

57. Rent out some house space

After your kids are all grown and leave, you may have plenty of room left in your house that you could rent out. The right place could be to list your space on Airbnb. Any visitor in your town can see the listing, and you may cash in on them.

58. Pet Sitting

If you have a love for animals, pet sitting services can be a way of making that extra dollar. Being around animals can also be good for your health.

59. Take Up Photography

You don’t have to be a portrait photographer, but you can get to choose any other kind of photography and list your photos for sale on stock photo sites.

60. Take Road Trips

A road trip can be a great way to unwind and get to build memories that will last a lifetime. You can get together with friends for a road trip, but if you like being on your own, your car is all you need to embark on one.

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61. Sell Your Skills Online

You don’t have to set up an office to find work. Work can find you right where you are. Sites like Fiverr allow you to list your skills and have your clients knocking at your door online for services.

62. Walking

You would think it is obvious. But not all older adults can walk or feel like it. However, walking can be a simple everyday activity you could pick as a hobby and help you stay fit and is a favorite among retirees.

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63. Crocheting

It seems cliché, right? However, crocheting is easy to learn and can be lots of fun. Besides, it keeps your brain involved keeping you in a top-notch cognitive shape.

64. Wine Tasting

Wine gets better with age, and so do people. After years of trying out new varieties of wines once in a while, you could take up wine tasting as a hobby. It’s among the favorite hobbies of retirees.

65. Focus on What Adds Value to You

By the time you retire, you know what does and does not add value to your life. For example, you may realize too much politicking could be draining emotionally and psychologically, stay away from it and focus on what adds value.

66.Go into Self Rediscovery

After years of working, retirement could feel like the end of the purpose for you. However, it should not be so. Doing some soul searching in retirement can you rediscover yourself and live a purposeful life after retirement.

67. Get a Pilots License

Although you may not fly commercially after 60 years, there is no maximum age for getting a private pilot’s license in the United States. You can consider adding it to the list of things to do when you retire early.

68. Do Random Acts of Kindness Regularly

There will always be people to show kindness all around us, like the homeless guy on the street or the orphan in a children’s home. Putting a smile on others’ faces has a boomerang effect and can help lift your spirits.

69. Run a Marathon

Yes, you heard me right. Run a marathon. It doesn’t have to be competitive. I could be for a good cause like charity. Start small, and advance as your body gets used to it. It can be perfect for your health.

70. Join a Choir or Band

It could be you have a love for music and are not confident enough to go solo. Try joining a band or a choir and put your talent to good use in retirement.

71. Become a Church Minister

Suppose you are a Christian and love going to church regularly. You can choose to take up a role as a church minister in whatever department you are interested in. There is usually no retirement age for laypeople church ministers.

72. Become a Tour Guide in Your Local Town

If you have lived in your town long enough, you probably know it and its history better than most people. You could offer to become a tour guide to people who tour your town and make some extra coins.

73. Become a Counsellor

They say you’ve got to live and learn. Having lived to retirement gives you a lot of experiences on many levels. With that experience, you could offer counseling help to people in your community who may need it most.

74. Study Religious Books

Most religious people would love to get the time to do a comprehensive study of their religious groups but lack time due to work commitments. In retirement, you have all the time you need to study your religious book comprehensively.

75. Buy a Motor Home

Retirement gives you the freedom to be mobile, and buying a motor home makes the experience so much easier. With a motor home, you can choose to live in a different part of the country as often as you wish.

76. Try Out Extreme Activities

Some activities like sky diving or bungee jumping require courage and can be thrilling. However, it would be best if you consult your doctor before engaging in some very extreme activities.

78. Ride Across the World for a Cause

Do you have something you are passionate about? You can choose to champion its cause by riding around the world, raising awareness around it. It can be an excellent way of spending time after retirement.

79. Learn Finance

In retirement, you will need some basic knowledge of finances to keep track of your financial status. You do not have to earn a degree in it, but a basic understanding can help keep you from running out of money in your retirement.

80. Become a Companion for a Lonely Person

At one time or another, we all need somebody to lean on. If you know of a lonely person in your neighborhood, become their friend and give them companionship. At some point, you may need someone to lean on too.

81. Update Wikipedia

Did you know that you could update Wikipedia? All the information found on Wikipedia is editable, and it depends on expert knowledge to keep it up to date. If you notice something you could add that brings value, go ahead and do it. You might help someone out there.

82. Work Some Crossword Puzzles

Unlike the old days where you would need to buy a paper to play crossword puzzles, you can now download a crossword puzzle app on your phone and a countless number of puzzles to solve. Other than keeping you occupied; crossword puzzles can be a great way of keeping your brain sharp.

83. Create or Join a Seniors Club in Your Local Town

If there is a senior’s club around your area, consider joining one. It’s a great way to meet people with experiences similar to yours, and you can get to share ideas on how to enjoy your retirement.

84. Take Up a Part-Time Job

If you are the kind of person that can’t live without working, taking a part-time job can be a good option for you. There many organizations that could use some of the experience you have gained over time.

85. Turn a Hobby into Work

Work is not working if you love doing it. After retirement, you can choose to transform a lifelong hobby into a money-making career. For example, if you have had a hobby as an artist, a carpenter, or a landscaper, you can turn it into an income source as you enjoy doing it.

86. Visit National Parks

Did you know that the national park service offers an 80-dollar lifetime pass to people over 62? This pass gives them access to all national parks in the country. Grab the opportunity. It can be one of the inexpensive hobbies to take up after retirement.

89. Build with Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is a charitable organization that works worldwide to provide housing to people whose life has been disrupted by either disaster or wars. Besides keeping busy, being a part of it lets you travel the world, meet new people and experience different cultures.

90. Join the Peace Corps

Being a Peace Corp is also another excellent way of experiencing different cultures while making a difference in people’s lives. The organization has a preference for mature volunteers whose experience can help be of help to the organization.

91. Join AmeriCorps

Formerly Senior Corps, the AmeriCorps Seniors is similar to the Peace Corps but based in the United States and enlists individuals above 55. The opportunities for volunteer work in this organization range from mentoring, tutoring, helping disabled adults and assisting victims of disasters.

92. Make a Movie

If you have a captivating story you would love to share in a picture, making a home movie can be just the thing for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You may choose to take a few lessons on filmmaking, and you will be good to go.

93. Learn Life-Saving Skills

There is never a wrong time to learn a life-saving skill. Accidents and life-threatening situations happen every day, and you may save a life.

94. Start a Home for the Elderly

No one can understand the needs of the elderly more than someone is almost there. Start one and show by example how you would want to be treated when you get there.

96. Make Toys for Disadvantaged Children around the World

If you have skill in making toys, you could spend time making them for the less fortunate children of the world. It’s an excellent way to spend time while making a difference in the lives of others. You could also take classes and learn the art if you haven’t learned it yet.

97. Sail Across the World

Traveling around the world by sea is the dream of the majority of people. Signup for a cruise and spend time at sea as you see the world.

98. Teach Your Grandchildren New Skills

Besides being an excellent way to spend time with your grandchildren, teaching them a new skill helps pass down skills from one generation to another.

99. Visit the Wonders of The World

You may not have all the time and all the money to visit all the places you would love to. But you could visit the unique places on earth. The seven wonders could be a good option.

100. Move to Africa

Forget about the bad stories you have heard about Africa. Beautiful things also happen in Africa. Besides enjoying the beautiful weather and wildlife, the cost of living in Africa can be low. You could also engage in some charity while down there. There is so much you could do to make a difference.

101. Do Nothing

You can choose to do nothing. After all, you have worked all your life for it.

Retirement can be tedious and depressing when approached with the wrong attitude. However, when you look at it with some optimism, it can become the best time of your life. This article highlights only 101 things to do when you retire. But your options are not limited to this list. Keep thinking and looking out for more ways to spend your time after retirement, and you will be surprised at the many things you can do to occupy your time and have an enjoyable retirement.

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